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Woodchester Lodge B&B in the Cotswolds, GL5 5PA

Access and Safety

1, Woodchester Lodge B&B: Access Statement  July 2012


We aim to accommodate all the needs of our guests at our 3-bedroomed B&B in North Woodchester. The following is a statement of our provision, but if you have any further queries do contact us.


We have a web-site with pictures of our property, both inside and out. Brochures and business cards are also available. Communal rooms are on the ground floor: access to these is flat, there are no steps. Guest bedrooms are on the first floor up a wide shallow stepped stairway with hand rail.  Stroud is the nearest station, 2 miles from Woodchester Lodge. There is a good taxi service outside the station. Mr and Mrs Brooke-Smith are happy to offer transport by arrangement.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

There is a flat tarmac parking area for 3-4 cars at the bottom of a sloping drive. The house is accessed along a short flat path and patio of concrete slabs (15 yds). These are lit by automatic lights at night.  There is a knocker and bell on the front door and all guests are offered assistance with luggage.

Main Entrance and Reception

The entrance way and ground floor are all level with no steps. The porch and cloakroom floors are tiled: the main hall is wood block with a short pile carpet covering half. Entrance to the main hall is through a heavy swing door. There are plenty of chairs available here. There is pen and paper on reception and Mr and Mrs Brooke-Smith are available whenever needed. Guests are given a guided tour round the house and facilities. Lighting is gentle as opposed to bright.

Public Areas (general internal)

Doorways are minimum 28” wide. There is a spacious cloakroom downstairs with a flat, tiles floor, WC and wash basin. This is made available to all guests. The visitors’ living room is carpeted and flat. There is an open fireplace with fireguard and small rug in front. The central main hall is described above. Access to the stairs is across the hall. The rise on each stair is 6”. Stairs form an open “E” with 7, 10 and 4 stairs broken by two small landings. These and the main landing are fully carpeted. There is a solid oak handrail and antique style wallpaper.

Living/Dining Room

Breakfast and evening meal are served in the visitors living room. Furniture can be moved if required.
There are 2 tables:
(a)          oval gate leg with central support columns and an underspace of 27”
(b)          rectangular solid table with a supporting column at each end 25” wide and an underspace of 27”

There is a 27.5” flat screen with Sky recption, but there is no background music anywhere. Full waitress service is provided. Special diets are catered for on request and assistance will be given with menus if needed. Woodchester Lodge is a non smoking B&B.


Full use of utility room with washing machine and drying rack available to guests. Access is flat and tiled. Iron and ironing board available on request for use in bedrooms or kitchen. Mr and Mrs Brooke-Smith are willing to assist if asked.


For sale in the visitors living room (PoA) are: Cards by local photographer, postcards by local artist, handmade jams and jellies, notelets from local bat group

Bedrooms (3)

All rooms are on the first floor with hook and eye lock in place on the doors. One room is ensuite and two have private bathrooms.

Carpets are fitted and short pile. Décor is traditional/antique with an eclectic mix of furniture.

Doorways are 33” wide. Lights are fitted with low energy bulbs as are bedside lamps.

All rooms have 5’ king size beds with reasonable access on either side (28” or more). The beds can all be split into 2 x 2’6” singles. The beds are 26” high.

TVs have remote controls and teletext subtitles. Kettles are cordless.

Linked smoke detectors are fitted. Mr and Mrs Brooke-Smith will assist should evacuation be necessary.

Bathroom/Shower Room & WC (ensuite, private and or shared)

Ensuite bathroom 8’ x 6’6
Access is up a 6” step.
Doorway is 25” inward opening. Floor is wooden, varnished. Tiles are dark green and cream. Heated towel rail behind door. Switch outside bathroom is 12” off ground. Bath edge is 24” high: overhead shower and glass shower screen. Basin has clear underspace of 27”, its is 32” high. Toilet has 20” clear to front and right hand side. It is 16” high. Clearance area in centre of bathroom 5’ x 2’.

Separate Private Bathroom 10’ x 6’
Access is immediately next door to bedroom across a carpeted landing. Door width is 31.74”; inward opening. Electric heated towel rail/radiator behind door. Switch outside bathroom is 13” off ground. Wooden varnished floor. Cream and bright blue tiles on walls. Bath edge is 22” high. Extensions can be provided for taps. Separate shower cubicle 26” x 42” (internal) with glass screen on 2 sides and sliding door on long side. Access is up step 8”, but a moveable step 4” is provided to reduce the gradient. Basin has clear underspace of 26”. It is 32” high. Toilet is located between bath and shower 13” space either side of toilet, 2 ‘ space in front. Toilet is 17” high.

Family bathroom 11’ x 8’
Access down 4 stairs and along carpeted corridor. Door width 28”, inward opening. Wooden varnished floor. Cream and dark green tiles on walls. Electric heated towel rail. Switch outside bathroom is 11” off ground.Bath edge 25” high. Overhead shower and glass shower screen. Basin has clear underspace of 27”. It is 32 “ high.
Toilet is located in adjacent separate room (6’6” x 3’). Access across 3’ of carpeted landing. Door width 28” inward opening. Floor wooden, varnished. 8” space either side of toilet. 4’ space in front. Toilet is 17” high.

Grounds and gardens

The garden surrounds 3 sides of the house. Grounds are flat and mostly laid to grass or flower beds. There is a dry stone path bordering the vegetable garden at the back of the house. There is a small pond in the centre of the main lawn. There is a flat patio outside the front door. Guests may use the benches and tables, which may be moved around the garden.

Additional information

The family room has an excellent bed settee which could be useful for a carer

Fridge facilities are available in the kitchen to the left of the front porch.


Contact details
Address:        1, Woodchester Lodge, Southfield Road, North Woodchester, Glos, GL5 5PA

Telephone:    01453 872586

Email:             anne@woodchesterlodge.co.uk

Website:         www.woodchesterlodge.co.uk

We welcome your feedback on the service we offer. Please phone or email any comments you may have using our email address as above.

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